The Student Game Developer Alliance (SGDA) began in 2016 between nine partnered student development organizations across California.

The very first conference took place in May of 2017 with an attendance of under 100 students and an afternoon of three workshops, five speakers, and friendship abound.

Continuing from then on, the summit has grown to a full day of events and has served over 200 learning game developers at its peak.

The SGDA’s mission is to provide learning game developers with a network of resources and peers that stretches across the nation. We primarily target student organizations because we believe the educational stage is where support is most important, especially in campuses where game development is not a well supported discipline.

Our annual conference in southern California is designed to be an accessible event for education and camaraderie, where students can celebrate their achievements in game development, meet each other in person, and learn from industry professionals.

GROW a community of students and professional game developers.

PROMOTE game development in college education.

ENCOURAGE student passions for game development.

ALLOW developers to share and learn from one another.

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