About SGDA

During the off-season when the conference is not being organized, SGDA mostly operates on our Discord server, where people can advertise opportunities such as game jams, industry events, or job offers. You can also check us out on our Twitter or Instagram for updates and shoutouts to student developers or organizations. Our social media platforms function as a public network, so feel free to @ us to share your club’s games or news!
If you’re a student leader who hasn’t contacted us or have not been contacted, you can ask our current outreach officer about being added to our mailing list, obtaining access to our Discord server, and being added to our website as a partner. You can also ask your student organization about us.
Consider donating to our GoFundMe page for our 2020 conference! You can also help by being an active member of our community on social media and our Discord server by asking and answering questions, sharing resources, showing your game development work, and generally being supportive of other developers.
As of 2019, the organization is undergoing the process of becoming a non-profit, thus making it possible for us to become a sustainable, self-governing entity that can continue to support learning game developers in more tangible ways. It’s a long process, so keep an eye out for updates in the following years!

Have any questions about the 2021 Summit?

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