SGDA Summer Jam 2021 | What It Is And Signups

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This is a week-long game jam hosted by the Student Game Developers Alliance (SGDA), a partnership between university game development organizations across the United States! At the start of the jam, we will release a theme that you should include in your game. After that point, you have a week to work with your team to create a game! This jam will have a voting period of 5 days after submissions are over. There are no prizes, but we hope all participants have a good time!

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SGDA is an organization of student game development groups. Starting in 2016 as a group of Southern California students, we have since grown to include members across the United States. Our goal is to connect students beyond their schools and expand their horizons.

SGDA hosts an annual summit which features talks, workshops, student showcases, and more.

Short answer: No.

While this jam is run by SGDA for its community, you're welcome to join us to jam out and practice some game dev. Bear in mind, most of our membership are in US timezones and consist of university students, so this jam may not be for everyone. But in any case, we hope to be a welcoming and open community.
If you aren't available for the entire week, that's okay! As long as you communicate your availability with your team and they are able to work around it, you should be fine. You could also consider making a smaller project over a shorter duration of the jam.
You can try to find teammates on our Discord Server for this game jam. While it's not guaranteed you will find a team this way, you can increase your chances by including some information about your skills, experiences, and what types of games you want to make.