The Student Game Developer Alliance (SGDA) is a partnership between nine - and growing - student-led game development clubs from universities across California.

We support a vast community of aspiring game developers and promote a healthy game development culture through connections, learning, and passion.

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Who can attend?
Any students interested in a career in game development are welcome to attend. Students register HERE. The earlier you register, the more likely you will be accepted, so sign up now!

What should I bring?
Please bring some form of ID in order to check in. If you wish to participate in workshops, you should bring your laptop as well. It will be a long day so dress casually. Although industry professionals will be present, you should not treat the summit like a job interview.

Do I need experience making games?
NOPE! All you need is a passion for games and a desire to learn about game development. The Summit is geared toward learning so hopefully you will learn enough at the summit to get out there and make your own game!

Are there travel reimbursements?
Unfortunately, we do not support any form of travel reimbursements. Rest-assured, we are working hard on the quality of the event to make sure all attendees have a meaningful and great experience!

Where should I park?
Nearest parking areas are shown on this map as well as vending areas where you can pay $5.00 for a one-day parking pass.